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Wilfred Mukora


I have been wanting to have Strabismus eye surgery for some time but i seemed not to find any place where i felt 100% comfortable. I tried two hospitals in my country and another one in a neighboring country South Africa but i bolted out before surgery. I then came to Moscow for my studies and one day i just thought to myself,why not give it a try here. I started looking for hospitals,i went to two different hospitals but they just didn't sit well with me. One day i was on the internet watching videos of people who had undergone Strabismus surgery that is when i came across reviews of people who had been treated at Moscow eye clinic and i noticed a familiar pattern with the reviews. The reviews pointed out how the clinic was so client oriented and everyone seemed satisfied with their results so i thought to myself, maybe i should give it a try and see how it goes this time around. I went online googled the clinic and i was excited that you could even do Skype or online consultation from the comfort of your own home. i took a few pictures of myself wrote them an email and expressed how i was afraid language was going to be a barrier since i'm only English speaking and my Russian is so bad. They replied in 2 days and advised that i book an appointment with the clinic to see a doctor and they assured me that one lady proficient in English, Darina will be there for me full time so i need not to worry. I would want to thank her,Darina for all the assistance she rendered tp me on and off the hospital campus.

When they booked me for my first appointment they gave me a doctor who had some understanding of English, Dr Alina Korivna. When i got there for the first time everyone seemed to know who i was, i didn't even have to introduce myself at the front desk and that was quite a surprise to me. Did some eye exams and was booked for another appointment with a Strabismus specialist Dr Apaev. I came back the same week for a 2nd appointment and my case was fully explained to me in English with the help of Darina together with Dr Apaev. I didn't even hesitate to accept the surgery option the doctor told me about because i had already seen how differently things are done at this clinic. I felt comfortable giving myself to these people because i had seen how much they care for their patients. However they was still a small problem,I couldn't pay for the surgery all at once so i asked if i could pay in installments and they agreed.

In less than one and a half months a had completed my payment. I did a few more tests prior to surgery to make sure everything else was ok and i had my final appointment with the Anaesthesiologist Dr Budanov who tried all his best to speak in English and it was very comforting for me. I had my surgery on 31 Aug 2017 and i want to thank the whole team that Operated on me lead by Dr Apaev, they did a great job. I like the results, Dr Apaev likes the results too,everyone is pretty excited all went well. I was admitted at the hospital for the night, after surgery and i'm glad at how Lena kept a close eye at me during that period. It all goes back to show how these people really care for their patients. I will go back for further review in November and i would recommend anyone having a hard time finding a good hospital with good Doctors and personnel to go to Moscow Eye Clinic. You will be well taken care of, i was glad to note that i was also their first English Client). Thank you Moscow Eye Clinic!!


Before and next day after operation.




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